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vrmdza village panorama, houses in vrmdza, vrmdza village

Vrmdza village

About Vrmdža village In this place meteor fall down, in Vrmdza lake exactly. Also here are ,rock formation ruins above the village, of ancient Latin city. Latin city is ancient defense fortress from 3rd century. Purpose of this fortress was to defend Roman territory from invading Slav tribes. One more...

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Protectors of fortress Nis Serbia

Knights festival that is held in fortress in Nis, Protectors of Fortress. This is festival that will take you back in time. In this festival you could drinking beer, see battles, learn new things. Here, you can see festival program for this year, and also for previous. Protectors of fortress...

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Crossroad theater festival Nis Serbia

International, Balkan, theater festival in Nis Serbia. Started from 2019. Crossroad festival lineup 2019 can be seen here. Lineup for Crossroad theater 2019 11.3. 2019. Theater show  “Putujuće pozorište Šopalović” 12.3.2019. Show “Kad bi Sombor bio Holivud” 13.3.2019. today show “We are born naked and the rest is…” 14.03.2019. “Filoktet”...

striporama comic festival, nis festival, comic book festival nis

Stiporama, comic book festival Nis lineup

You can see setup of Striporama comic book festival in Nis Serbia by days. Striporama 2019 Striporama 2018 9.8.2018. Grand opening, exhibition of Jim Holdaway prints of Modesti Blaise (Oficers club), Comic book school, Green room talk with guests, 10.8.2018. Promotion of comic book “Hajduci” i “Beskrvni”, action heroes figures...

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Days of burek program Nis Serbia

Day’s of burek is food festival dedicated to only one of local specialties, burek. And also, it is competition of local bakeries in making of this local food. There are guest bakeries in festival, with their own products nad food. Burek days 2019 Burek days 2018 16.08.2018. Bend “Okrava” from...

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