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Southern Serbia and eastern Serbia can offer you diverse accommodation for your stay. The biggest city in this part of Serbia is Nis. As a modern tourist city, Niš has many establishments that can provide you with accommodation, lodging for certain amount of time. With many hotels here can be provided great service in various service. Except hotels there is a large number of hostels, or boarding houses for you, even private homes. Be sure to  contact us with contact form on the side to let us know if we could find better offer or just try you luck. Click the photo to get the best offer hotels and hostels or homestay.

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The best hotels and hostels offer in south and east Serbia

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About accommodation Serbia

You can experience accommodation Serbia in first hand. See our Homestay offer to have two things in one. Stay and meet the host experience. Our host will welcome you. No matter where you come from. No matter if they are hotels, hostels or in their home. There are many hostels on our eastern and southern Serbia. We have many hotels too, if you like more exclusive accommodation. We recommend you to check our Homestay offer for more local accommodation Serbia experience. Hotels are mostly new, or built or reconstructed in recent years. So you will enjoy in every moment you spend here. You can book it online through our web site.

No matter if it is Homestay or some other accommodation. You can combine your stay with other services. Hiking, City break, Dental, or every other that we offer. Of you think about it. Contact us with contact form about that, and we will get back to you as soon. The main thing is for you is to be satisfied with our Serbian experience. Welcome to Serbia!

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