About us Where To Serbia? Like to travel and have fun? Love great food and drinks? Like history? Love meeting new people? Have you ever thought about visiting us? Probably not, but we can offer you much more than you imagine. We are here to help you in that.

Travel to us by plane, bus, or every way you want. See our tours, or we’ll make you special one for you. Why should you do it? Because we can show you where to go in Serbia. Prices here are very affordable, and a lot to visit and enjoy. We have a lot of possibilities for medical, history, adventure, ethno, and relax tourism.

About us southern and eastern Serbia, Where to enjoy in Nis, Leskovac, Prokuplje, Pirot, Zajecar and Vranje and around

No matter if your interest is romantic weekend for two in Serbia? If you just want to see where is Serbia? Maybe to experience cities in Serbia? Travel Serbia is great experience for you. All beautiful places in Serbia. In eastern and southern Serbia.

No matter if you want to check interesting facts about Serbia, or just sightseeing our tourist attractions for a day. No matter if you are traveling the world to see must see tourist attractions of every country or not, Serbia is great place. Here, we will try to help you to get to know southern and eastern Serbia.

Other side of Serbia adventures!

By that we mean that we are on other side of Serbia, southern and eastern part. The other part. What adventures happened in this part of Serbia, and we wetness them? What great experiences have we witnessed? Who meat us, and whom did we meet and helped them to see Serbia from another angle? Nis Serbia, Leskovac, Prokuplje, Pirot, Vranje and Zajecar. And around. See. And we are just starting!

About Where to Serbia

People in Southern and Eastern Serbia are very helpful and people lovable. This page is result of their history which they would share with you. This is place for foreign and domestic visitors to help them discover Serbia. Changed your thoughts about visiting us? Than you are in right place!

This page is representing a group of fun loving people that will make your vacation great and useful. We are super passionate about helping others to have most of their vacation in Serbia. Contact us for help and best offer about the tour through Contact form, or through our Facebook page other social networks. Cheers and welcome!

Where to Serbia Team!

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